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Lahore to Najaf Price

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Customers should keep in their mind when they book tickets:

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PIA flights from Lahore to Najaf

PIA offers the best prices and deals for travelling from Lahore / Islamabad / Karachi to Najaf (Iraq). It is the best choice because of its cheap pricing, easy availability, and accessible flight schedule.

Lahore to Najaf History

The shrine of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Imam Ali), the Shiites' first Imam, is located in Najaf, making the city sacred to the Shiites. Harun al-Rashid established the city in 791 AD, and it is now known as the "basin of science."

Najaf has Islamic history, and on the other hand, Lahore has the history of the Ghaznavids, the Ghurid and the Mughal eras.

Lahore is a flourishing city's history extends back 1000 years. The location was the trade routes leading to South Asia; Lahore has hosted great civilisations such as the Ghaznavids, the Ghurid dynasty, and the Babur's. The architecture of the city's palaces, monuments, mosques, and gardens is renowned. Under British rule, Gothic and Victorian styles were prominent.

Best time to fly from Lahore to Najaf

When travelling from Lahore to Najaf, the ideal time of year to visit is determined by various factors, including climate, season, and pricing. In terms of searches from our customers, November is the most popular month to fly from Najaf to Lahore, followed by October and August. However, suppose you prefer to avoid the high tourist season pilgrim travellers and avoid a busy period. In that case, the months of Muharram have the highest and busiest time to travel to Najaf.

Helpful information for travel from Lahore to Najaf

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