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SereneAir is Pakistan's premium airline on a mission to rejuvenate the domestic economy. Serene Air is a leading domestic airline in Pakistan offering premium services at discounted fares. Supporting local airlines, catering to domestic and international markets, Serene Airline has an extensive fleet of aircraft that are designed to meet the needs of passengers. Serene airline is poised to become the largest carrier in Pakistan with its growing fleet of aircraft, which will enable it to offer more services for its passengers.

Serene Airlines gives Aviation experience like never before – have flown to most of the popular places of the world, so there's no need to learn all sorts of new concepts again. Serene airways simply focus on bringing you premium experience at an affordable price.

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Serene Air is an award-winning airline and grabbed the award of “Brand of the Year 2020”. Serene Airline has world-class equipment in its fleet of Boeing 737-800s and Airbus A330-300s - featuring state of the art cabin equipment, aircraft safety & comfort, and exceptional service. SereneAir is a premium airline with an exclusive mission. Serene airline is an optimised domestic airline providing excellence by leveraging the latest technology and the best service to its passengers. The on-time flight percentage of Serene Airline is 97.1%. SereneAir has maintained 95.2% regularity while providing flight services in recent years. offers bookings on both domestic and international flights with Serene Airline.

Domestic and International Destinations of Serene Airlines

SereneAir is a leading air service company that offers services to the most visited places of the world. Serene Airline offers you the opportunity to fly to your favourite destinations in the world on your own terms. Whether you prefer a short flight or a longer trip, will provide you with the appropriate flight conditions and amenities for your comfort and enjoyment. Serene Air is an International airline to offer direct flights to the three most important destinations in the world, including King Fahd International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 6 destinations in Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, and Faisalabad; and 2 destinations in UAE – Dubai and Sharjah.

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Serene Air Route Availability Days
Karachi to Islamabad S M T W T F S
Karachi to Lahore S M T W T F S
Karachi to Quetta S T T S Offers best airfares online - No middle man charges - Prices are updated daily - Special Deals and Discounts

Serene Air Flight Schedule

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Serene air carries the best On-time flight system with a 97.1% on-time flight percentage with a 95.2% regularity rate. is One of the most trusted flight information websites in the world. Check your Serene Air flight schedule at

Route Expected First Flight Expected Last Flight Travel Duration
Karachi to Islamabad 7:00 AM 8:30 PM 2 hours
Karachi to Lahore 8:00 AM 7:15 PM 1 hour & 45 minutes
Karachi to Peshawar 12:45 PM 2:45 PM 2 hours
Quetta to Lahore 1:55 PM 3:20 PM 1 hour & 20 minutes

Serene Air Baggage Allowance

Serene air offers the most privileged baggage allowance to its passengers. You can get all the information regarding the baggage allowance at At Serene Air Flight, the sum of your dimension should not be more than 54. And as per the policy Serene Air Baggage allowance, the sum of length, breadth, and height in dimensions should not be more than 45. As per the policy this is included in the Serene Air Ticket price, however carrying extra luggage will add up to your Serene Air Ticket Price.

Baggage allowance limit can be checked at

Flight Type Hand Luggage Check-in Baggage
Domestic 7 Kg 40 Kg (2 bags)
International 7 Kg 40 Kg (2 bags)

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Serene Air is a leading low-cost airline with flights to 6 destinations in the Pakistan, one destination in Saudi Arabia, and 2 destinations in United Arab Emirates

Serene Air Amenities

Serene Air flights are equipped with all the necessary amenities to facilitate your flight journey.

Serene Airline Flights offers great amenities to you. It varies for domestic and international flights. Different amenities come with different ticket classes i.e. business class, economy class, and executive class. Spacious leg spaces and different variety of food each day does not let the regular customers get bored off.

Some of the amenities offered by Serene Air flights are as follows:

Sky interior

A spacious, comfortable look with soft LED lighting, thoughtfully balanced for serenity.


Serene Plus

Business class offers spacious recliner seats, exquisite cuisine and other avant-garde amenities.


Committed to your safety

At SereneAir safety is the first priority. Adhering to all SOPs of COVID-19.



Delicious meal on-board

SereneAir ensures that you are served with a fulfilling meal with an exceptional taste.


On-time performance

SereneAir is the only airline to gain the trust of its passengers by giving 98.8% on-time performance.

Serene Air Offers and Discounts

You will get ticket prices for all classes – economy, business, and executive. Serene Airline covers all types of classes as per your needs. Whether you are on budget, or travelling for a business meeting, Serene Air tickets has your offer. All these exclusive offers with additional discounts and packages can be found at

The discount packages provided by Serene Air on flight tickets are as follows:

  • Serene Air offers a 50% discount to physically disabled passengers on flight booking. One attendee with the disabled passengers will also get a 25% discount on Serene Air flight bookings.
  • • Senior citizens (70+ years in age) get a 12% discount on all flight bookings.
  • • For families with 3 or above members, Serene Airline provides a discount on UAE flights.


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