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Islamabad, Pakistans stunning capital city is known for its greenery and calm atmosphere. A city that has taken its roots at the foothills of the Margalla mountain range has now grown into a lively and welcoming place. Islamabad has a number of cultural and historical sites to visit as well as avant-garde markets with a youthful atmosphere. Islamabad is known for its beautiful weather but it is Islamabads winters that are famous nationwide. The chill and fog in the citys winter season is a memorable one and when matched with the green landscape, Islamabad makes for a perfect capital city.

Thailands capital, Bangkok, is a large city and is home to ornate shrines and temples. Bangkok started out as a small trading post in the 15th century and has since grown to become Thailands heart of modernization and development. The city is an international hub for arts, transport, fashion, healthcare, and entertainment. Also, Bangkoks nightlife, cultural landmarks, and street life are famous worldwide. Sites such as the Grand Palace and Buddhist temples like Wat Pho and Wat Arun are some of the cultural attractions found in the city. The rapid growth of the city coupled with amazing historical and cultural attractions makes Bangkok an ideal destination to visit.

Islamabad to Bangkok

Just reading about what Bangkok has to offer makes you want to pack your bags and book a flight as soon as possible! And if you wish to travel from Islamabad to Bangkok at cheap rates? then you should know a little bit more about your travelling experience. Well, to start off, the distance between Islamabad and Bangkok by road is over 5,000 kilometres but dont worry you wont have to take that journey as travelling by air has cut down the distance a lot. The aerial distance from Islamabad to Bangkok is a little over 3,500 kilometres. Moreover, the shortest Islamabad to Bangkok flight takes around 5 hours. However, with flights that have layovers, it can take around 15 hours to travel between the two capital cities. There are multiple Islamabad to Bangkok flights in a week so you can book your tickets whenever it is convenient for you.

Islamabad to Bangkok Ticket Price

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Islamabad to Bangkok Flights

For your journey from Islamabad to Bangkok, you will start at the Islamabad International Airport. Here, you can either book a direct flight or a flight with layovers depending on your requirements. Then you will land in Bangkok in one of the two airports in the city. From here once you have reached your hotel room you can just relax. Take some time for yourself, recharge, and then the party begins! So, dont wait any longer and book your Islamabad to Bangkok flight now only with! And remember, always wear your mask and maintain social distance to keep you, your loved ones, and everyone else around you safe.

Which airlines to opt for

Whenever you are travelling overseas and over long distances, there is always a question of which airline you should opt for flying in. Well, there are plentiful options to choose from as numerous airlines fly from Islamabad to Bangkok. Airlines such as Emirates and Etihad Airways are some of the options you can go for. Another popular choice of airline for travelling from Islamabad to Bangkok is Thai Airways. You can book a return trip or one-way ticket with Thai Airways via Travel Ustaads online portal as well to get the best deals. So, whether you are travelling from Islamabad to Bangkok via Thai Airways or any other airline, you can find all the best deals and ticket prices only at!

What to do once in Bangkok

There really isnt anything that you cant do in Bangkok because the city has a lot to offer. For all the cultural enthusiasts, sites such as the Grand Palace and various Buddhist temples are a must-visit. And if you are looking to experience the local life of Bangkok then visit the Chatuchak Market where youll find beautiful souvenirs among other things. Thats not it though; your nights will be pretty booked as well since the city is famous for its nightlife scene and street life. So, keep yourself energised so that you dont miss out on anything!


To travel in the peak season from Islamabad to Bangkok then that will be between November and March as the weather conditions are ideal.

Traveling from Islamabad to Bangkok on a flight with layovers takes around 15 hours. However, if you choose to take a non-stop flight then that will take around 5 hours.

Airlines offer different ticket prices during different seasons. To find the cheapest ticket prices book your ticket via

If possible, avoid visiting Bangkok from February through early April as the air quality can be quite bad.

Whether you are looking for luxury hotels or budget hotels in Bangkok, Travel Ustaad will provide you with the best deals, offers, and prices.

September is the cheapest month considered to travel to Bangkok.