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American Airlines is one of the most reliable and comfortable airlines in the world. They offer great services to their customers and make sure they are always safe and comfortable. American Airlines is always looking for ways to improve their service and make sure their customers are happy. It provides great services to millions of customers. It is always on time and the staff is very friendly. All passengers always have a great experience when they fly with American Airlines.

American Airlines is one of the few airlines with a promising future and great deal of potential. Whereas other airlines are struggling to find their niche, American Airlines has found theirs. As you will see in this article, they have carved out an interesting niche for themselves and are poised to continue growing as they expand their services into untapped markets. Partnering up with some of the best airlines in the world, this rapidly expanding airline is one of the best airlines to fly with, and one which we at highly recommend for you.

American Airlines Fleet and Routes

American Airlines has a broad network, operating from its hubs in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Phoenix, as well as secondary hubs in New York City, Miami, and Washington D.C. It has a fleet of more than 900 aircraft with an average age of just over 11 years. The majority of these are narrow-body Airbus A320 family aircraft with a smaller number of long-haul Boeing 787-8s and Airbus A330s for its international flights. Like all airlines, American Airlines is continually adding new aircraft to its fleet; either by buying them directly from manufacturers such as Boeing or Bombardier or leasing them from companies such as AerCap Holdings or NetJets. In this article well take a look at the type and number of planes flying for American Airlines today.

American Airlines operates an extensive network of domestic and international flights, including daily services to cities in Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Northern South America, Europe, Asia, Africa ,and Australia . The airline also has codeshare agreements with other airlines that operate flights on America's behalf. American Airlines online booking has also done wonders, as it has allowed people to quickly and conveniently book flights to and from their favorite destinations. You should visit if you want to make an American Airlines online booking, as we provide you with the cheapest and most lucrative American Airlines ticket prices.

Baggage Allowance for American Airlines

American Airlines has different policies for allowing baggage for different flights, i.e. for domestic or international flights. However, if you check your baggage, you can be allowed up to 5 or even 10 bags per flight!

Dimensions: If you are traveling anywhere, your baggage dimensions must be 158 cm/62 inches. This value is obtained by adding the length, width, and height of your baggage.


Not Business Class: American Airlines has allowed 23 kg / 50 lbs heavy baggage to be carried aboard the plane. However, if youre traveling to/from Australia or New Zealand, then you are allowed to carry 32 kgs / 70 lb heavy complimentary baggage, and 23 kg / 50 lbs of excess charged bags.

Business Class: American Airlines allows 70 lbs / 32kgs for complimentary bags and 50 lbs / 23 kgs for excess charged bags.

American Airlines Partnerships

If American Airlines doesn't offer service to your location, they advise you to go with one of their partner airlines. The oneworld Alliance is made up of the top airlines in the world, who together fly to over 900 locations across more than 170 countries.
American Airlines is part of the coveted oneworld alliance, where it has partnered up with the leading airlines in the world, such as Qatar Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and many more to expand its network globally, so American Airlines customers can travel to many new locations where the airline itself doesnt offer its services.

Other than the oneworld alliance, American Airlines has also made strategic partnerships with other prestigious airlines such as Etihad Airways, with the purpose of improving its service, and expanding its network. This is why American Airlines air tickets are relatively cheaper, and why it is very hard for other airlines to compete with American Airlines ticket prices.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy:

To easily understand the airlines cancellation policy, read this:

  • All tickets: When purchased at least two days before departure, all tickets can be canceled for a full refund within 24 hours of the purchase.
  • Refundable tickets: Can be canceled for a full refund by using the online refund form or contacting reservations.
  • Nonrefundable tickets: No refund is possible after the 24-hour grace period. However, if a flight is canceled prior to takeoff, you may use the unused portion of eligible tickets against another trip, providing the new flight departs within a year of the original ticket issue date.

Despite breaking it down for you to understan d, we suggest that you contact your agent at to evaluate your options and see what you can do to get maximum benefits.

The timing of the refund may vary, however, and it can be troubling if you are not aware of the policies. Hence, we would again strongly suggest making a booking via, so you can be informed of all the information you need beforehand.

TravelUstaad refund policy:

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