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Kuwait Airways, the national carrier of Kuwait, goes back to 1953 when it was founded by a group of Kuwaiti businessmen. The airline's initial network limitations caused some financial difficulties, which prompted the government to acquire 50% of the shares. The government eventually acquired full ownership of the business when the company's shares doubled, making it the longest-running official state carrier operating out of the Arabian Gulf region. However, in 2008 the company was privatized. With the rapidly evolving demands of aviation, Kuwait Airways has maintained its pace efficiently.

Kuwait Airways Fleet and Routes

As of 2022, the carrier fleet includes 30 aircraft, offering multiple services to a number of international locations. The list includes 7 Airbus A320-200, 6 Airbus A320neo, 5 Airbus A330-200, 2 Airbus A330-800 and 10 Boeing 777-300ER.  In addition to these, 2 A330-800neo and 3 A320neo will be received shortly. The diverse range of aircraft available to clients provide the utmost level of relaxation and safety. When passengers board a Kuwait Airways flight, they immediately notice their courtesy and decency.

This airline has always been renowned for its quick acquisition of new aircraft and global route expansion. Even in 1968, they bought three Boeing 707s, and ten years later, they had an entire fleet of eight Boeing 707s.

Kuwait Airways provides flights that travel through 48 destinations with renowned tourist spots in Amsterdam, Baku, Bangkok, Islamabad and many more. The primary hub for the flights is Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait City, which is serviced by a variety of routes that connect there from places all across from North America to the Indian subcontinent. Due to so many flights, Kuwait Airways bookings are now available to a lot of people and places.

Baggage Allowance for Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways’ baggage allowance relies upon the ticket class and Oasis club membership.

Dimensions: The length, width and height of each item of carry-on luggage should not exceed 98 inches (250 cm) for Royal and First class. Whereas, for the Business and Economy class, you must restrict your baggage to 62 inches (158 cm). The baggage of infants has a limit of 45 inches (115 cm).

Weight: Kuwait Airways allows three pieces of luggage as long as each of them do not exceed the weight limit of 32kg (70lbs) in First/Royal class fares. While in Business class you are allowed two pieces with the same limit. However, in the Economy class the weight of each of the two allowed pieces of luggage must not exceed 23kg (50lbs). For infants, 10kg (22lbs) is the maximum weight.

Kuwait Airways charges an amount for baggage exceeding the permissible limit depending upon the number of pieces per passengers and region they are traveling to or from. In addition to this, Kuwait Airways will consider the baggage allowance of its partners if a person is traveling on a single ticket. Often, the baggage policy will be mentioned to you when you make a Kuwait Airways booking.

Kuwait Airways Partnerships

A number of airlines, ranging from those in Africa to those in Far East Asia, have interline agreements with Kuwait Airways. The list includes honorable names like EgyptAir, Cathay Pacific, Gulf Air, Kenya Airways and many more. Such agreements enable travelers to switch between flights on one airline to another flight on another airline without having to collect their belongings or recheck in.

Apart from this, Kuwait Airways has six codeshare agreements with Etihad Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, ITA Airways, Middle East Airlines, Oman Air and Turkish Airlines. A common flight number will be shared to the traveler by Kuwait Airways. This means that with a Turkish Airlines air ticket, you can even get a chance to travel on famous airlines like Etihad Airways, without additional costs.

To meet demand and carry on business during the 1990 War, Kuwait Airways also formed agreements with a number of other airlines, including Shorouk Air, which suspended operations in 2003 but currently they are not a part of any other alliances.

Cancellation Policy of Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways online booking is very straightforward, and so, also provides a very clear and fair cancellation policy for their passengers. If a passenger cancels their flight within 24 hours of booking it they will be provided assistance by Kuwait Airways to rebook a flight that fits their convenience best. Their website provides a quick hassle free facility to cancel a flight.

If a booking cancellation is to be made by a passenger 24 hours after the initial booking then they will need to pay a fee of $100-$500 depending on their fare to continue with the rebooking process.

TravelUstaad refund policy

Refunds are handled by far more quickly and effectively than by any other service on the market. We reimburse consumers in accordance with airline policy, which differs from airline to airline. However, the payment is released on time as soon as we receive the refund from the airline on the customer's behalf. Although processing times differ from case to case, the average time for a domestic flight is three to five working days, and the average time for an international flight is seven to forty-five working days.

Refunds are returned to the original mode of payment or in the equivalent bank account in the customer’s name. The customer is also entitled to purchase another ticket with the refund amount provided by the airline on the appropriate fare.




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