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Malaysia is a beautiful and diverse country located in Southeast Asia. It has something to offer to everyone, from its captivatingly beautiful beaches, stunning rainforests, world-class attractions, and captivating cultural experiences. With a rich heritage, vibrant cities, and delicious food, Malaysia offers an abundance of activities, especially for travelers looking for an affordable yet delightful escape. From historical buildings to modern skyscrapers, shopping malls to rolling hills, great beaches, and more. Plus, its tropical climate ensures the ideal conditions for exploring this diverse nation. No wonder it is among the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and is often heralded as one of the best places to visit in the world! And you, too, can be a part of this country too by getting a Malaysia Visa for yourself as well. How, let’s have a look:

Overview of Malaysia Visit Visa process:

Pakistan enjoys a special preference when it comes to Visit Visa Malaysia. As being one of the ten countries that enjoy preferential treatment, the citizens of Pakistan can obtain a Malaysia Visa through an online portal as well. With all the required documents available and ticket booking done through, a trip to Malaysia is a hassle-free experience. So follow the guideline given below and enjoy your trip to some of the fascinating cities of Malaysia like Kaula Lumpur and GeorgeTown.

Types of Malaysia Visa:

When it comes to the Malaysia Visa for Pakistan, there are several choices available for you. These include;


Malaysia Tourist Visa: A Malaysia Tourist Visa is a document issued by the Malaysian government to foreign travelers that grant them permission to enter, stay, and exit Malaysia for tourism purposes. To obtain this Visit Visa Malaysia, applicants from all the countries must submit relevant documents as required. The duration and validity of the Visa will depend on its type but generally, it allows foreigners to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days with a validity of 3 months.


Malaysia Work Visa: A Malaysia Work Visa is a Visa which allows an individual to be employed in Malaysia for a certain period of time. It grants permission for the Visa holder to stay and work legally in the country, usually with specific conditions related to their employment. In some cases, it may also be necessary to obtain a separate work permit prior to obtaining the Visa. To apply, applicants must provide proof of qualifications or experience and evidence that they are financially capable of supporting their stay in Malaysia.


Malaysia Study Visa: A Malaysia Study Visa is a special Visa issued to international students who have been accepted into a legitimate educational institution in Malaysia to study full-time. This Visa allows foreign students to stay in Malaysia for the duration of their studies, as long as it does not exceed 10 years and is required for those who want to enroll in any Malaysian university or institute that offers degree and certificate courses. Students must meet certain requirements like having valid documents from the relevant authorities, financial capability and health certificates before they can be issued with this Visa type. 


After knowing these three types of Malaysia Visa, the next step is about the procedure through which we can get the Visa. To have an understanding, let us see it in detail below:

Documents required for Malaysia Visit Visa:

Before applying for a Malaysia Visa for Pakistan-based citizens, it is necessary that you get all of your documents streamlined. As many of the times a document list has been shared on many platforms for the Visa that are not appropriate. Hence, being a trusted travel partner we have taken the guidance for the Immigration Department of Malaysia and based on the criteria they have defined, listed the documents you should have. These are; a valid passport with more than six months of validity along with an eVisa, the procedure which we will discuss below and boarding pass. Moreover, according to Visa requirements, you have to show that you have substantial means and funds that can support your trip and also a return ticket to Pakistan that you can book with

How to apply for the Visa:

The process for gaining a Visit Visa Malaysia is relatively simple. There are basically two means to get the Visa. The first is through the Embassy or High Commission of Malaysia in a specific country or through the online Visa application. Focusing on the Malaysia Visa for Pakistan, you have to apply online for getting the Visa. With all the documents prepared as mentioned above, you can simply fill the online form by yourself or can take our services to help you get the eVisa as well. However, do remember that the Visa processing time is around two working days. But it can take a bit more than this based on the circumstances as well. And by means of email after two days you are being informed that your application has been accepted.


Malaysia Visa price:

The Malaysia Visa price is an important factor to consider as well. However, the rates do keep varying based on the difference of the exchange rates and other factors as well. Therefore, it is recommended that you should consult with in this regard so keep yourself updated with the latest information. Hence, as per the official website the  Malaysia Visa price is around 20 Malaysian Ringgit for Pakistani citizens both for the single entry and for the Transit Visa as well. The amount can be paid through any of our branches or through online payment services as well.


Places to Visit in Malaysia:

Malaysia is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia and offers a wide range of attractions for tourists to explore. The best places to visit in Malaysia include:


Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur is a great place to visit in Malaysia. It is the capital city and has many things to see and do, such as visiting the Petronas Twin Towers, which are the tallest twin towers in the world. You can also go shopping in the many malls and markets, and try the delicious local food too.


Langkawi: Langkawi is an island located in the northwest of Malaysia. It is known for its beautiful beaches, such as Cenang Beach and Tengah Beach. You can also go on island-hopping tours and see the many beautiful islands around Langkawi. The island also has a cable car that takes you up to the top of a mountain for a great view.


Perhentian Islands:The Perhentian Islands are located in the northeastern part of Malaysia. They are made up of two main islands, Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil. These islands are great for diving and snorkeling, as the waters around them are clear and have a lot of marine life. The beaches here are also very beautiful and perfect for relaxing.


How is best for Malaysia Visa: is the best service provider for getting a Malaysia Visa. As we make the process hassle-free and quick by providing a comprehensive application form and meticulous guidance. In addition, by means of our well trained and professional staff we can help to check all Visa criteria to ensure your eligibility before applying. Our customer-friendly services include 24/7 customer support, professional guidance, and a secure payment gateway. Furthermore, with our efficient tracking system, you can track your application status in just a few clicks with ease of mind. also helps to know about additional documents required for Visa processing, if any. As a result, we enjoy customers’ trust with transparent information from the beginning till end of the process, and you too can enjoy our services on Malaysia Visa for Pakistan.


Though the prices for a Malaysia Visit Visa fee from Pakistan can vary based on a number of factors such the type of the Visa you have and the processing fee. But as per the official website the cost of Malaysia Visa is 20 Malaysian Ringgit for Pakistani citizens both for the single entry and for the Transit Visa as well.

Yes through you can book a Malaysia Visit Visa package from Pakistan. It includes the air ticket and accommodation costs as well.

No, the Malaysia Visa for Pakistan is not free. The cost for the Visa has been discussed above.

If you are a Pakistani flying to Malaysia, then you do need an approved Visa.

Yes, the Malaysia Visa is open for Pakistan. You can book it directly through the website or can have to assist you.