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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is a premium airline operating international and domestic flights. PIA is Pakistan's most significant and flagship air carrier, providing the most reliable and convenient air travel to over 15 domestic and 25 international destinations. With unparalleled coverage, PIA offers the most suitable routes to Pakistan's domestic and international destinations, giving travellers access to the country's and region's best tourism and leisure travel destinations.

PIA airline serves the nation's needs and the region with over 30 aircraft, providing you with 100 routes daily from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The central operational hub is at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Its secondary hubs follow the main hubs in airports: Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore and the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad, respectively, of the Pakistan International Airlines.

PIA has significant destinations across Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America. Being the first and largest in Pakistan and second airline in Asia to acquire a jet aircraft. Most visited destinations covered by the PIA airline include Dubai, Sharjah, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Denmark, Nepal, Spain, Singapore, and many others. PIA is unique in its ability to offer exceptional services and privileges to its regular passengers. For example, PIA has a frequent flyer miles' program known as Awards+ Plus, which offers its passengers additional perks.

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Pakistan International Airlines Ticket Price

PIA is the most reliable travel partner in Pakistan. Three flight classes in PIA cater to all different segments of society, making it convenient for everyone. The three flight classes are economy, executive economy, and business class. The price of each class comes with a different ticket price and offers various amenities and privileges. Travelling on weekdays is much cheaper than on the weekends, plus if you book your PIA tickets earlier than your departure date, you save more. PIA is a global airline that connects you with all significant destinations around the world.


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PIA Ticket Price Days
Islamabad to Karachi S M T W T F S
Quetta to Lahore S M T W T F S
Karachi to Lahore S M T W T F S
Multan to Peshawar S M T W T F S
Karachi to Kabul S M T W T F S
Karachi to Istanbul S M T W T F S
Frankfurt to Lahore S M T W T F S

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PIA Airline Flight Classes

Three flight classes in PIA cater to all different segments of society, making it convenient for everyone. The three flight classes are economy, executive economy, and business class.

Business Class

It comes with a lie-flat seat, ample legroom, making seats comfortable and relaxed. These seats come with the luxury to stretch legs. It also has a reading light and a universal outlet for charging the devices. The seats are equipped with TV screens to provide entertainment during your PIA flight. Complimentary meals and beverages are offered to the passengers.


Executive Economy

Executive economy flight class also comes with comfortable seats. In addition, complimentary meals and beverages are offered. In-flight entertainment is also provided to the passengers in this class.



The Economy class has the same services as that of Economy Plus. However, additional features are offered regarding check-in procedures in the economy plus, which is otherwise not provided in economy class. Economy Plus also has other features of seat upgrade and access to membership in the PIA frequent flyer program.


Pakistan International Airlines Flight Schedule

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Route Expected First Flight Expected Last Flight Duration
Karachi to Islamabad 13:00 16:00 1 hour 55 min
Islamabad to Karachi 10:00 19:00 1 hour 55 min
Karachi to Istanbul 7:15 7:15 5 hours 45 min
Quetta to Lahore 19:50 19:50 1 hours 20 min

Pakistan International Airlines Baggage Allowance

PIA Airline's baggage allowance policy for domestic flights is standardised. At the same time, it varies for International flights, based on the departure location and country. Exact details for each country with further information for extra luggage can be accessed at PIA's official website. Over some international routes, PIA allows up to two bags, while for domestic routes, you can use only one bag. Payment for extra luggage can be made in advance calculated based on each route. A flat rate of PKR 5000 is charged for carrying extra baggage over domestic routes.

Flight Carry-on Baggage Check-in Baggage
Economy 7 kg 20 kg
Executive Economy 12 kg 25 kg
Business 12 kg 30 kg

Pakistan International Airlines Offers and Discounts

There are numerous deals and discounts when you book PIA tickets on both domestic and international flights. Student special discounts are also available with PIA. PIA also offers Awards+Plus – PIA's frequent flyer miles. This program focuses on PIA regular and loyal passengers and has three-tier benefits – A+ Emerald, A+Sapphir, and A+ Diamond. All tiers come with exclusive benefits, baggage allowance, and priority check-in facilities that can be availed.

Pakistan International Airlines Amenities

PIA gives you a world-class experience making every flight a memory for you. From its meals to seating, and entertainment facilities, you will find comfort and luxury. The support staff is dedicated to helping you both on aircraft and lounge, giving you peace of mind. Amenities on each flight class and route are different.

Some of their amenities include:

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