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Whether you're planning a big vacation or just want to escape away for a few days, going from Islamabad to Male is a great way to unwind. Exploring Male allows you to create unforgettable memories, enjoy delicious food, and explore local attractions, but this also helps you stay within your budget. So, whether your planned schedule is for flying one way, nonstop, or round trip, is sure to have flights that fit your schedule and at prices that are easy on the pocket.

Places to visit in the Maldives:

The Maldives is famous for its beautiful white beaches, turquoise waters, hospitable natives and impressive palm trees. However, the Maldives is a cluster of many islands rather than just one big mainland. Hence, you need to know precisely which islands to visit to have the time of your life:

    1) Male City – best for exploring the culture

    Male, with its historic mosque, colourful architecture, blue water, and swaying palm trees, is one of the best places to visit in the Maldives. On your Maldives vacation, you can't afford to miss this beautiful city, which is flanked on one side by ancient buildings and on the other by the turquoise and clear water. Male offers a variety of interesting activities, ranging from strolling through streets bursting with vibrant marketplaces to learning about Maldivian heritage.

    2) Maafushi Island – best for couples

    Far away from all the crowds and noise, the Maafushi Island is one of the most serene locations in the Maldives. Spending quality time with your loved one and having sweet discussions is essential, and this island will help you do just that. Maafushi Island also has a number of comfortable guesthouses and hotels that are ideal for honeymooners looking for a relaxing vacation. In addition, historical sites, sandbars, restaurants, and diving agencies will make your vacation to the Maldives' Maafushi Island memorable.

    You can also do many activities such as catamaran rides and scuba diving. Furthermore, you can visit other places such as Furafathi to experience snorkelling and witness rich marine life firsthand. Lastly, the Boduberu Show is a must-see for a memorable Maldives vacation. And we can help you experience all of this and more, so contact us today at to start planning your dream vacation!

    3) Vaadhoo Island – best for beach lovers

    Vaadhoo Island, where the water sparkles at night, is one of the most beautiful spots in the Maldives. It is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Maldives, owing to a unique phenomenon that causes the sea to glow, attracting millions of visitors. Microscopic planktons release a vivid blue light in the sea, creating an exquisite effect. Because of this, it has become a lovely location to hang out after the sunset. Also, the greatest time to visit the Maldives to see the water glow brightly is between June and October.

    You can even opt to do other activities such as enjoying scuba diving and kayaking at Vaadhoo Island.

About the Islamabad and the Maldives:

Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, has a population of almost 1.02 million people. And the city’s Islamabad International Airport (ISB) is Pakistan's largest cargo airport, with a capacity of 9 million passengers per year, making it one of the country's best international travel airports. The airport is 25 kilometres southwest of the city and is accessible via the Srinagar Highway.

The Maldives is a country rather than a city. The Maldives is a low-lying island nation in the north-central Indian Ocean. Its closest neighbours are India, 600 kilometres northeast, and Sri Lanka, 645 kilometres northeast. The area is made up of roughly 1,200 tiny coral islands and sandbanks, with about 1000 of them being uninhabited, meaning they have so much untouched potential! From north to south, the islands stretch for more than 510 miles (820 kilometres) and 80 miles (130 kilometres) east to west.

Because The Maldives is a country and not a particular city, all information that we give about The Maldives, such as distance, price to fly, etc., will be to Male, which is the capital of the Maldives.

Distance to fly from Islamabad to Maldives?

The distance from Islamabad to Maldives is 3280 km or 2038 miles. Islamabad is located on the more northern side of Pakistan so you will fly over India for most of your journey on a direct flight. You can also expect one or two stops along the way on your flight. You can easily find the most economical packages for this flight on The only other way to get to Maldives other than by air is through a cruise, as the Maldives consists of multiple islands isolated from the mainland.

What is the average Islamabad to Maldives ticket and package price?

An Islamabad to Maldives flight costs approximately Rs. 81,000 on average. (This is a composite of many airlines' averages.) The cheapest flight from Islamabad to Maldives was Rs. 64,000, while the most expensive was nearly Rs. 126,000.

The time until the flight, the airline, the day of the week, and layovers all impact the prices of these trips. While purchasing a last-minute ticket from Islamabad to Maldives will save you money, it can also leave you without a flight at the time of your choosing. If you book ahead of time with, you will get the cheapest deals.

We have also found that the cheapest airlines offering flights from Islamabad to Maldives are Emirates and Qatar Airways. Other popular airlines providing their services from Islamabad to Maldives are Flynas and Pakistan International Airlines.

How far ahead of time should you purchase your ticket and package for an Islamabad to Maldives flight?

There are two general time limits for purchasing a ticket: 21-30 days and 30-60 days. Many people travel from Islamabad to Maldives for a planned vacation; hence they book 30-60 days in advance. However, for the best flexibility and low pricing, book a flight from Islamabad to Maldives 21-30 days in advance. And, like the majority of others, you should book your flight 30-60 days in advance to get the best deals. This does not prevent you from booking a flight from Islamabad to Maldives 21 days in advance; however, you will most likely be charged relatively more. However, if you book your flight with, you will be able to find the flights you want at a cheap cost.

Flight time for direct and connecting flights from Islamabad to Maldives?

There are direct flights from Islamabad to Maldives, but they are pretty rare, and almost all flights result in at least one stop. Some even in two stops. The direct flights are nearly 5 hours and 30 minutes long, whereas most other connecting flights are almost 10 hours and 10 minutes long. Similarly, other Islamabad to Maldives flights have two stops and can take anywhere from 13 to 14 hours.

Which are the best airlines for an Islamabad to Maldives flight?

Three top airlines usually offer their services for Islamabad to Maldives flights. These include Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Emirates. Other airlines such as PIA and another lesser-known airline known as Flynas also offer cheap Islamabad to Maldives airfares.

Etihad Airways is the cheapest airline flying from Islamabad to Maldives. However, other cheap, popular airlines flying on this route are mentioned on, so be sure to visit that.

Any COVID-19 restrictions for travellers from Islamabad to Maldives?

Travellers do not need to go through quarantine upon arrival, and a negative PCR test is not required before travelling from Islamabad to Maldives.

Mandatory documents required for travellers going from Islamabad to Maldives:

Before flying from Islamabad to Maldives, most Pakistani passengers must be completely vaccinated, and those over the age of 15 must be fully vaccinated when travelling abroad.

Only Pakistanis cleared by a competent medical practitioner who have been medically advised against having the COVID-19 vaccine can travel without a vaccination certificate.

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