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Muscat, meaning a walled city, is the capital of Oman. located on the coast of the gulf of oman, it is a traditional ancient city. neighboring states like the united arab emirates and saudi arabia, muscat, too, is known for its rich petroleum and gas reserves. being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, oman has a lot of business potential to offer for the world. and the people of pakistan are no strangers to it. Flights from Karachi to Muscat are booked daily through to fulfill the same purpose. these flights are mainly direct flights, and by means of, huge discounts are also offered on them. however, being the perfect travel partner, not only helps you get access to these cheap flights from Karachi to Muscat but also wants to provide valuable information for your journey as well. so let’s have a look

Karachi is the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan. Situated on the bank of the Arabian Sea, it serves as a perfect flight route for all the International airlines. Whether you are planning to travel to Australia, Europe, or Arabian Peninsula, the Jinnah International Airport Karachi is the best place to fly from. With a capacity to handle more than 12 million passengers, it is an ideal place to travel for the world and especially Gulf countries. As with, you can easily have non-stop direct flights from Karachi to Muscat at discounted rates. So to enjoy the traditional Arabic culture and also to swim on the warm shores of Muscat.

Book Karachi to Muscat Flights:

Looking for Karachi to Muscat flights. There are two questions you need to consider; Are you traveling to Muscat for job opportunities without knowing the exact date of return? Or you are traveling to Muscat to explore its tourism. The rationale behind these questions is that it will help you to choose the best flight options for your traveling. As with, you have the option to book the type of flight you want. Either a one-way trip, a type of single Karachi to Muscat ticket without considering the date of departure, and the other one around is a round trip on Karachi to Muscat flight. With this thing in mind, if you see, there are more than eight different flight options available on a daily basis. These options are based on a greater diversity regarding the Karachi to Muscat flight time. You can choose any time of the day, either in the morning, mid-day, evening, or even at late-night always have an option of flight available to you. Moreover, with the special advance booking facility also being offered by, you can enjoy the privilege to pre-select the seat that you want to have. Either it is along the aisle or the window seat. All of these options are accessible to you through

Flight Fare for Karachi to Muscat:

The Karachi to Muscat flight duration is about two hours if you take the direct flight on Karachi to Muscat route. Hence based on this proportion, the Karachi to Muscat ticket price is also displayed for each option on But if we see the Karachi to Muscat flight fare, we come to know that there are various factors that affect the ticket fare. These include;

  • Traveling class: Traveling class is the first thing that affects the Karachi to Muscat flight fare. As for a Business class, for instance, there are a lot of facilities available. You can work on board, can enjoy delicious meals and can also get some real relaxation too. However, the economy class is not that spacious, and not that legroom is available. Therefore, based on these facilities, a difference in Karachi to Muscat flight ticket price occurs.
  • The stops of the flights: The stops of the flight also have a significant role in defining the Karachi to Muscat ticket price. As often, it has been seen that one-stop flights are relatively cheaper as compared to a non-stop direct flight.
  • Type of the trip: Statistically, a round trip is far more economical as compared to a one way trip. For instance, if we compare the costs of a round trip on with a one way trip, then we can validate this fact too. Therefore, if you have a date of return in mind, then it is highly recommended that you should book a round trip to have an affordable Karachi to Muscat ticket price.

Furthermore, the prices of the tickets are also affected based on hikes in the fuel prices. Therefore, to negate all these variables, it is recommended that you should pre-book your flight so as to have not only an affordable Karachi to Muscat flight ticket price but also to avoid any last-minute hustle as well.

Airlines Available for Karachi to Muscat flights:

Traveling from Karachi to Muscat through helps you to get access to some of the top-rated airlines available on the route. These include:

  • Gulf Air: With an experience of more than 60 years, Gulf Air is one of the most renown airlines across the globe. Stretching from the Middle East to Europe and to Asia, it connects more than 50 cities across the world. Fully accessible through, it provides relatively easy access from Karachi to Muscat.
  • Furthermore, with codeshare partnership with Etihad Airways, it also provides cheap flights from Karachi to Amsterdam.

  • Pakistan International Airlines: Being the national airline of Pakistan, it offers one of the most expensive flight operations both domestically and internationally. By means of, you can have an affordable Karachi to Muscat ticket price PIA. These flights may be non stop direct flights or you can also avail of the option of a one-stop flight too.
  • Oman Air: Receiver of five stars from APEX 2021, Oman Air is the national Airline of Oman. Easily accessible at, it is one of the best means to get affordable Karachi to Muscat flight fare. With higher standards of professionalism and relative ease in booking the advance flights, Oman Air is a perfect choice to consider for Karachi to Muscat flights.

How is best for booking Karachi to Muscat flights: is the best place for booking domestic and International flights. Being the part of the largest and fastest growing travel network of Pakistan, Six Sigma Travels, it offers huge discounts and offers for the customers. Whether it is about the booking of the flights or the pre-selection of the seats for your domestic and international flights, helps you get what you desire. With customer care support “0800 74462” available 24/7, it ensures perfect customer satisfaction. Furthermore, through the ticket refund policy, it also helps to secure your money too. Thus, based on all these features offered, we can say that< is best for booking Karachi to Muscat flights.


The aerial distance between Karachi to Muscat is 540 miles.

Yes, through, you can group tickets too.

Yes, through, pre-selection of seats is possible.

Yes, Karachi to Muscat ticket is refundable.

Yes, offers E-tickets too.

Yes, but it may have additional charges too.