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The city of Karachi is one of the largest business hubs in Pakistan. It attracts many international corporations that are looking to set up their businesses in Pakistan. Karachi is ranked as a Beta global city with over 16 million people and over 10+ different ethnicities. It houses numerous industries, including shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, IT, and many others. The city has advanced infrastructure, including roads and airports. Karachi generates around 80% of the country's foreign exchange earnings. In recent years it has been one of the fastest-growing cities in Pakistan. The rapid growth reflects on the fact that Karachi is one of the most important industrial areas in Asia.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is one of the most vibrant cities in the country. Many international and national conferences are held here. It's an immense city with its unique charm. It is situated at the point connecting all provinces to the northern areas of Pakistan. This city has many exciting things to offer, especially to people who love art and culture. It is a place where there are many tourist attractions like Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, Centaurus Mall, Lake-View Park etc. The modern infrastructure of this city provides all facilities to tourists or business people who visit Islamabad for business purposes.

Karachi to Islamabad flights have become a common sight in the skies. The flight is an exciting journey for most of us, but it's also a costly one.

In recent years, air travel has become an increasing concern for passengers. In fact, the amount of air travel in Pakistan is more than that in India and China combined. This is primarily due to the growing population and increasing number of goods being transported. Especially since the last few years, air traffic has been witnessing serious growth due to increasing demand for goods from countries across the globe. The increase in international air transport has also started to affect the domestic air transportation sector as well. For instance, all domestic airlines are operating flights from Karachi to Islamabad, which offers easier access from Pakistan's most significant metropolis to its most populous city. In addition, several key cities are located close by for ease of shopping and entertainment purposes.

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The price of flights between Karachi and Islamabad is rising at an alarming rate. The reason for this rise is that the airspace between the two cities has been restricted due to the continuous rise of Covid in the region.

There are very few flights available between the two cities. Airlines are not providing enough seats, which makes it challenging to travel by air in Pakistan. In addition, when you want to fly between Karachi and Islamabad, you may find it hard to book a flight in time because of the high cancellation rate.

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Karachi to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

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Karachi to Islamabad Flights Schedule

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