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Pegasus Airlines, also recognized as Flypgs, is a Turkish airline offering economical flights to its customers and is based out of Pendik, Istanbul. The airline has bases in multiple Turkish cities, and its name is based on the Greek mythological creature Pegasus, which was a winged horse. The airline started in 1990 with just two Boeing 737-400s as a charter airline, and shortly after it launched, faced some hardship after the war started in the surrounding region. Nevertheless, it persevered and, within eight years of being inaugurated, was sold to a Turkish bank and grew its fleet by buying as well as leasing modern airplanes. The airline was the first Turkish Airline to place an order for the Boeing 737 Next Generation. By 2012, after being acquired by ESAS holding and being relaunched as a scheduled low-cost airline, Pegasus Airlines had become the second-largest airline in Turkey. It showed its commitment to being a revolutionary Turkish airline after it placed a large order for the Airbus A320neo, becoming the first Turkish airline to do so.

The airline holds the ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001 : 2004, and Occupational Safety and Health Certificate 18001 : 2007. All these certifications go to show that the airline is constantly trying to modernize and improve itself, so it can offer the best services to its customers. Pegasus Airlines also has a loyalty program, Pegasus Plus, which gives several advantages to customers, such as the accumulation of free miles, which they can later use when making a Pegasus booking.

Pegasus Airlines Fleet and Routes

As of 2022, Pegasus Airlines has an impressive 94 aircraft in its fleet, with it largely favoring Airbus as its main supplier of aircraft. It has 42 Airbus A320-neo aircraft, as well as 12 Airbus A320-ceo. However, it also boasts a newer and better aircraft from the A320 family, which is the A321-neo, which is quite better than its predecessors. Apart from the Airbus aircraft, Pegasus Airlines also has 33 Boeing B737-800 aircraft, which are the only aircraft from Boeing in its entire fleet.

Pegasus Airlines offers flights that travel through various destinations, but most of them are located in Central Asia and Europe. The flights are offered from Albania and Armenia all the way to Pakistan and almost everywhere in between. Such diversified locations brought about the need for people to make Pegasus reservations online; hence the airline introduced Pegasus online booking, which allows people to make reservations for Pegasus tickets internationally. You should visit if you want to make a Pegasus Airline online booking, as we provide you with the cheapest and most lucrative Pegasus Airlines ticket prices. Pegasus reservation is just one step away, and you can do so immediately by visiting


Baggage Allowance for Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines has different policies for allowing baggage for different flights, i.e. for domestic or international flights.

Dimensions: The airline has not specified what the dimensions of the baggage should be, however it is advised to keep it minimal as it would cause you the least amount of inconvenience.


Domestic flights: Pegasus Airlines instructs its passengers to keep essentials of up to 15kg maximum, and both the advantage and Comfort Flex options allow an additional 20 kg for each passenger.

International flights: The airline doesn’t allow any baggage as basic, and can only be allowed if it is extremely lightweight, i.e. a neck pillow. However, it allows essential baggage of up to 20 kg, which is 5 kg more than the weight allowed on domestic flights. However, the Advantage and Comfort Flex options are the same as domestic flights, allowing 20 kg each.

Pegasus Airlines Partnerships

Pegasus Airlines has a codeshare agreement with a modest number of airlines that operate from Europe to Asia. The list includes elite airlines such as Qatar Airways and Delta Airlines. Other airlines include Nile Air, Flynas, ITA Airways, and KLM. Although you might travel on one of its partners’ aircraft for a portion of your trip, your flight will still bear a Pegasus Airlines flight number.

Unfortunately, Pegasus Airlines is not a member of big alliances such as SkyTeam Alliance and OneWorld Alliance; however, it's already existing agreements have proved to be beneficial for its passengers and have allowed its passengers to travel to more destinations comfortably.

Pegasus Airlines ticket rates are comparable to, if not lower than, those of many other well-known airlines as a result of these partnerships that allow the airline to reduce expenses.

Pegasus Airlines Cancellation Policy

Pegasus Airlines offers its passengers a 24-hour cancellation policy to make sure they are provided with flexible and economical options. You can cancel your booking within 24 hours, and if the flight is more than a week away, Pegasus Airlines will help you get your money back. However, such conditions are ever-changing and are always subject to conditions such as the destination of the flight, origin and time of the flight, and many more. Hence, which is why we suggest that you contact your agent at to evaluate your options and see what you can do to get maximum benefits.

The timing of the refund may vary, and you may even be charged with a penalty of $100-$400 for canceling while not keeping the airline’s instructions in mind. Hence, we would again strongly suggest making a booking via, so you can be informed of all the information you need beforehand.

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Refunds are returned to the original mode of payment or in the equivalent bank account in the customer’s name. The customer is also entitled to purchase another ticket with the refund amount provided by the airline on the appropriate fare.