Cheap Flights from Karachi to Mashhad

Mashhad, meaning the martyr's burial place, is a city situated in the northeast of Iran. Known for its religious importance, it is home to famous places like the shrine complex of Imam Raza, the Tomb of Ferdowsi; the national poet of Iran, and also the last residence of Omer Khayam, a renowned astronomer of the Muslim world who lived in the 12th century AD. Pilgrims and tourists from all across the world fly to Mashhad to explore its sanctity and to observe the boundless treasure of wisdom associated with this city. And the people of Pakistan are no exception to it. In fact, cheap flights from Karachi to Mashhad are booked daily through to serve the same purpose. However, being the perfect travel master wants to make sure that you get all the relevant information that helps you to get an affordable Karachi to Mashhad ticket price. How? Let’s have a look;

With a population of more than three million, Mashhad, the capital of Khorasan, is the second largest city in Iran. Known for its holiest places, it is open for tourism all year round. People from Pakistan, especially from Karachi, travel to Mashhad to explore its tourism and business potential. That’s why a number of cheap flights from Karachi to Mashhad are booked daily through These flights available on are either direct flights or may include a single stop on the way as well. Moreover, with easy access to all the top-rated airlines with flexible flight timings, gives you the opportunity to pre-plan your Karachi to Mashhad flights in a way that fits comfortably with your schedule. Moreover, with special discounts available at, you can also have the option to book an economical round trip as well.

Book Karachi to Mashhad Flights:

Mashhad is situated at a distance of 905 miles from Karachi. To travel from Karachi to Mashhad, an estimated time of more than 3 hours is required. Therefore the question we should have is, what are the best flight options for us? So let's have a look at the best travel service,;

If we open the booking interface on to check the available flights, we see a window in front of us. First, we have to select the type of trip we want. As typically, many of us travel from Karachi to Mashhad for tourism. Therefore, a round trip is the most suitable option for us.

Then we have to select the place of our departure and arrival. Then we have to enter the dates for our departure and return. Adjacent to this, we have to select the class category we want to travel in. Then simply click the search icon.

A pop-up window would then appear on the screen. It will show all the details regarding the airlines available on the route on the selected dates and the arrival and departure times mentioned with them. And also the Karachi to Mashhad ticket price too . Thus, by using this method, we can easily access all the available flights on .

Booking Schedule for Karachi to Mashhad:

Once we see all the flights available, the next thing we have to consider is the booking schedule. As with, you have greater diversity in terms of accessibility to all the top-rated airlines and flexible schedules for departure too.

However, here you have to remember that in Mashhad, there is a massive flux of tourists from November to March because of its majestic weather and scenery. Therefore, with this thing in mind, you have to pre-plan your trip. First, you have to decide whether you want a direct Karachi to Mashhad direct flight or want to have a one-stop Karachi to Mashhad flight. Both options are open to you through

Secondly, the timings of the flights should be considered as well. Whether the flight you are booking is accessible for you. Can you reach it on time?

Thirdly, if you are traveling with family or a group of friends, are there enough seats for them? All these things, though, may require a bit of effort and consideration, but with can be sorted out very quickly and efficiently through advance booking.

Filling all these options will help you get the best cheap flights from Karachi to Mashhad. Moreover, in case of any info needed, you can also contact our customer care “0800 74462”, open 24/7 for your assistance and flight booking.

Available airlines for Karachi to Mashhad Flights:

One of the reasons why the majority of customers prefer is the high-quality services that it offers. It provides easy access to all the top-rated and awarded-winning airlines available on the route. So why not to look at some of the best airlines available for Karachi to Mashhad flights;

  • Emirates: 17th-time consecutive winner at Skytrax World Airline Awards for Best Economy Class, Emirates is available at Karachi to Mashhad route with Shining with golden hues and excellent services at its disposal, Emirates is a multinational airline operating in more than 157 destinations. With at least more than one flight available daily for booking on, it is one of the best means to get cheap flights from Karachi to Mashhad.
  • Qatar Airways: When it comes to ultimate comfort, luxury, and style, Qatar Airways is the perfect airline to board for. Named as Skytrax Airline of the year 2022, Qatar Airways is one of the best means to get Karachi to Mashhad direct flight through It offers both one-way and a round trip on the Karachi to Mashhad flights and is thus a perfect option to consider.
  • ● Other top-rated airlines available on the route include Pakistan International Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and FlyDubai, and with many more to count for.

Karachi to Mashhad Ticket Price:

Ticket price is one of the vital things that help us to book a Karachi to Mashhad flight. However, if you are using, the discounted ticket prices are already on the cards. But there are additional things you can do to reduce the Karachi to Mashhad ticket price. The first thing to do in this regard is about the type of trip you are having. If you know the dates of return, then booking a round trip would help you significantly to reduce the fare of the flights.

Secondly, the cheap flights from Karachi to Mashhad are also linked with the booking dates too. As there are many religious festivals in which a large part of the population takes part. Therefore, on the occasion of these festivals, a huge demand for flights is often observed. Hence to avoid the last-minute hustle, we recommend you to do an advance booking of flights.

Thus, these are one of the few options through which helps you to get cheap flights from Karachi to Mashhad at a discounted rate.