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The flag carrier airline of Thailand was initially formed in 1960 as a partnership with Scandinavian Airlines. The purpose of this was to create an international route from Thailand and link it to the rest of the world. Later, in 1988 the Prime Minister of Thailand reformed it into a single company and by 1991, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) was registered as a public company with the Thai Ministry of Defense having majority of the shares. The airline has put in a lot of effort to build a strong brand and promote Thai culture.  As a result of this, they have eventually developed a solid business environment for the employees and an amazing travel experience for the passengers.

Their slogan, smooth as silk amplifies their mission to provide an unhindered service. Over the course of its 60 years in the airline industry, Thai Airways has worked to prioritize passenger comfort throughout the flight while also focusing on security and quality of service. This dedication has helped Thai Airways earn recognition through numerous awards as one of the best airlines in the world.

Despite their luxurious flights and efficient customer service, the Thai Airways ticket price is still quite low, so you can avail such great benefits by booking a cheap Thai Airways ticket.

Thai Airways Fleet and Routes

Thai Airways Fleet consists of a wide range of aircrafts. They have 44 accumulative operating and in service aircrafts. The aircrafts include 14 Boeing 777-300ER, 12 Airbus 350-900, 4 Boeing 777-200ER, 2 Boeing 787-9, 6 Boeing 787-8, 6 Airbus 320-200 and 14 Airbus a320/32S. All of which provide maximum comfort and safety to their passengers.

Thai Airways flies to 65 different destinations all over the world. Numerous routes are taken to travel to these destinations all of which connect to its main hub which is Suvarnabhumi Airport located in Samut Prakan. Thai Airways fly to many popular tourist favorite destinations as well such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Milan, Copenhagen and several others.

This massive fleet ensures that all your Thai Airways Bookings will never be off schedule and you will have many options to choose your Thai Airways bookings because the size of the fleet ensures that there will be various flights from certain locations per day. You can choose your Thai Airways booking for various locations such as a Thai Airways flight from Karachi to Bangkok.

Thai Airways Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance policies offered by Thai Airways are very accommodative for their passengers.

Dimensions: The Thai Airways regulations state that no piece of baggage should exceed the overall size limit of 158cm (62 inches).

Weight: Thai Airways weight regulations vary depending on where youre traveling and your fare. If youre traveling to or from the USA or Canada, the weight limit applicable to your fare will be 32kg (70lb) for Business/First class fare and 23kg (50lb) for an Economy class fare.

If youre traveling to or from Asia, Africa, New Zealand, Australia or domestically in Thailand, your weight allowance limit will be 50kg (110lb) for a First class fare. For Silk and Premium Economy class your weight allowance limit will be 40kg (88lb). While in Economy class your weight allowance limit will be between 20-35kg (44-77kg) depending on your fares sub-class. Thai Airways also offers Star Alliance Silver, Gold and Platinum members an extra 10kg (22lb), 20kg (44lb) and 30kg (66lb) of weight allowance respectively.

In the event of exceeding the weight limit passengers will be charged an excess baggage penalty fee.

Thai Airways Partnerships

Thai Airways are the founding member of a global airline alliance known as the Star Alliance. This alliance was the first true global airline alliance. Since the formation of the alliance it has offered the biggest and most easy to use airline network and still focuses on improving their customers experience even more. The members of this airline alliance included Air China, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Copa Airlines, Swiss Air, and United Airlines among many more. You can check the complete list on

The Star alliance combined boasts more than 12,000 flights every day to over a 1000 different airports and 197 nations. This Alliance offers its passengers many connecting flights with all the airlines that are a part of it and make it easier to travel from any place to anywhere.

In addition to this, they have several codeshare agreements which can be searched upon their site. This mutual agreement allows the passenger to travel under a common flight.

Because of such partnerships, there are various Thai Airways deals for you to choose from where you can select the ticket you desire.

Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

Thai Airways provides cancellation policies that enhance their customers experience by removing fear of the risks of canceling a flight. You have 24/7 access to Thai Airways online booking, and so, the airline also has a 24-hour cancellation policy. A 24-hour cancellation policy implies that there will be no cancellation fee as long as the booking is canceled by the passenger within 24 hours of making the booking.

After which they can simply rebook a flight that suits them better. Thai Airways have a very accessible way of canceling a booking through their website, free of service fees and a user-friendly convenient interface on offer.

If a passenger cancels their booking after 24 hours of making the booking, they will be subject to a cancellation fee of $100-$500 depending on their fare.

However, if youre still unsure about cancellation policies, contact us at so that we may assist you further.

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