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Welcome to the exciting world of Air Arabia, the regions best budget airline. Established in 2003, Air Arabia is an innovative airline that has become a leader among its competitors by offering an efficient and reliable flying experience at an affordable price. Easily accessible through for international air routes, Air Arabia airline is a perfect option for budget-conscious travelers. With features like online booking, pre-luggage facility, and availability on a large number of destinations, Air Arabia airline is a perfect choice to vouch for. And, you too can access this airline to enjoy amazing flight deals, excellent customer services, and so much more to count. How, lets have a look:

Flight Destinations For Air Arabia

Interested in knowing Air Arabia flight availability: the airline is one of the most versatile options in the region that offers flights to over 170 destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. The popular destinations for Air Arabia flight booking include the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, and Oman. In addition, the airline also offers direct international routes connecting Air Arabia customers with major cities such as Paris, London, and Amsterdam. Along with these international routes, Air Arabia also operates regional trips across the Arabian Peninsula, which includes countries like Bahrain, Qatar, and Yemen. Furthermore, through the special packages offered by Air Arabia airline, it is a perfect choice for holidaymakers traveling to European cities from various points of origin in the Gulf too.

Air Arabia Booking

When it comes to booking facilities, Air Arabia online booking offers huge diversity for customers. It helps to book your preferred seat online by booking through How? First, start the Air Arabia flight booking process by entering your origin and destination points as well as your travel dates. Once you reach the payment page, you have the option to see all the available seats being available. Move around and preview each seat in terms of comfort level and view before selecting the one that best suits you. The final step helps us to confirm the Air Arabia ticket booking reservation after paying through the appropriate means as available at

Air Arabia offers a wide range of facilities for its customers. On an Air Arabia flight, you have the option to choose between Business class and Economy class. Air Arabia tickets for business class cabins provide a luxurious and comfortable journey to its customers. Business class passengers on Air Arabia airline can benefit from priority check-in and boarding, extra legroom, and reclining. They can enjoy delicious in-flight meals and complimentary refreshments, as well as access to lounge services at selected airports. Furthermore, passengers, by doing Air Arabia online booking through, also have the option to purchase extra baggage allowance at discounted rates.

Similarly, Air Arabia offers passengers a variety of facilities in Economy class too. The Economy class of Air Arabia airline includes free seats with ample legroom and recline adjustments. You can enjoy in-flight entertainment such as audio/video on demand (AVOD) and interactive games, power sockets for devices such as laptops and smartphones, and onboard Wi-Fi connection for web browsing and shopping. Furthermore, Air Arabia ticket booking through helps you to get a generous baggage allowance of up to 40 kg for each adult passenger, priority check-in counters at airports, and many more to count.

Air Arabia Ticket Cancellation Policy

Ticket cancellation is one of the things that creates a lot of confusion among passengers. However, by booking through, you not only get an affordable Air Arabia ticket price but also get an idea about the cancellation policy too. Air Arabia airline allows passengers to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of making the booking without paying any additional charges. But, if the cancellation is made after the 24-hour window has passed, then a fee of AED 100 for domestic flights and up to 5% of the total amount for international flights will be applicable. The cancellations can only be done through the website or customer service number provided at, and refunds will be provided in accordance with Air Arabia's refund policies. Important to note here if there are any special offers included in the original booking will not be applicable once it has been canceled.

Air Arabia Baggage allowance

Pre-booking your baggage for Air Arabia is a great way to save time and money. To do so, you have two options to choose from. Either you can have Air Arabia online booking for luggage through or can contact our customer care at 0800 74462 to get the extra baggage allowance. You can pay for this extra baggage as a part of the Air Arabia ticket price or also can pay separately as well.

Air Arabia Flight Insurance

Air Arabia flight insurance policy is to provide passengers with financial protection against any risks associated with their travel experience. Through the airline's partnership with leading global insurers, passengers can purchase coverage that can help protect them from medical emergencies, emergency evacuation services, trip delays and cancellations, loss of passports or personal items, and more. With a variety of packages and coverage levels available for different trips and destinations, Air Arabia Airline is committed to providing the very best in comprehensive flight insurance to its travelers.

Air Arabia Special Air Rewards

By doing an Air Arabia ticket booking through, you can avail many special rewards, including discounted tickets, cash and merchandise rewards, priority boarding, and complimentary meals on selected flights. Furthermore, Air Arabia also offers a range of Air Rewards points which can be used to purchase flights, upgrade existing bookings or even redeem items such as electronic devices, holiday vouchers, and store credits. The Air Arabia airline also offers an exclusive Elite Club membership program that rewards customers with travel benefits such as free upgrades, complimentary lounge access, priority check-in, and access to exclusive discounts.

How is best for booking Air Arabia tickets is the perfect website for Air Arabia ticket booking. With its simple and user-friendly interface, users can easily search for flights, compare prices across multiple airlines and make bookings with a few clicks. also offers exciting discounts on Air Arabia tickets along with plenty of perks like ticket refunding, no markup on rates, 24/7 customer support, and free payments through secure gateways. Therefore, from great discounts to convenient bookings and top-class customer service is your ideal travel companion for booking Air Arabia airline at the best rates online!


Air Arabia flies to more than 170 destinations

You can book a flight with Air Arabia through

The baggage allowance for Air Arabia is 40kg.

Yes, you check in for my flight online with Air Arabia

Air Arabia offers in-flight meals and entertainment

Yes, you can change or cancel your Air Arabia flight.

By booking through, you can avail Air Arabia loyalty programs.