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Travelling from Islamabad to Karachi

Karachi: City of Lights

Karachi is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, below sea level. The largest port is built-in Karachi making it the nations financial, economic and commercial centre. Life here is running at a faster pace in comparison to life all over Pakistan. Locally Karachi is called the City that Never Sleeps, the City of The Quaid, and the City of Lights.

The mixed population in Karachi is accredited with such a rich diversity in culture.

Means to enter Karachi

  • Air Travel

The largest international and domestic Airport in Karachi is the Jinnah International Airport. Other international hubs are also linked to the Airport such as those in Toronto, London, New York, Tokyo, and Dubai. Being a big city, the Airport is also a hub for Pakistan international airlines. offers cheap Islamabad to Karachi flight rates in rupees. Not only that, it offers flights of every domestic airline. This allows you to perform a comparison of Islamabad to Karachi ticket prices that will allow you to make an informed decision.

Islamabad to Karachi Flights

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Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has been serving in Pakistan since its independence making the airline the best and most widely employed by the people for international or domestic travel. PIA ticket prices from Islamabad to Karachi are cheap. Theres a reason why PIA has been on top of all the airlines in Pakistan. The services are outstanding and do not cost too much.

Ticket Prices for Flights From Islamabad to Karachi

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Travelling from the capital city to the port city through PIA would be a good option considering the popularity of the airline.

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The total distance is 1145 km and it normally takes 2 hours and 15 minutes by air.

There are hotels available in Karachi, from cheapest to 5 stars. You can also rent apartments and guest houses if your plans to stay in the city are for a longer duration. Please visit for some exclusive deals.

Airport and local taxis are easily available. You can avail yourself of local commute services like Uber, Careem, SWVL, etc, to book your ride to your destination within the city.

Pakistan International Airline (PIA).