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Karachi to Najaf Flights

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Flights from Karachi to Najaf

From Karachi, the flight time for a trip to Najaf is 12 to 25 hours (in both directions). The longest direct flight from Karachi to Najaf is 4 hours. will offer you the best flight option from Karachi to Najaf. International flights depart from Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and land at Al Najaf International Airport.

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History of Najaf or Karachi

The city of Najaf is a historical city which dates back to as early as 791. The site of many significant events throughout history, such as the death of Hazrat Ali and the Battle of Karbala, Najaf is one of Islam's holiest sites. It is also home to the Great Mosque of Kufa and Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib Shrine, both favourite tourist destinations for travellers from foreign lands who want to learn more about Islamic culture. Tourists also frequently visit Masjid Hannana, which is a sight that won't disappoint, especially if they are history lovers dreaming of learning more about past events!

Karachi is one of the largest cities in Pakistan and was once its capital! It’s known worldwide for having some stylish airport fashion (they even say Karachi fashion is what keeps airports going). Karachi is located on a beautiful coastline near the Arabian Sea. There are so many places to shop and eat along the beach that visitors often feel they’ve stepped into paradise! You have to try our seafood if you're ever there - it’s a real treat after spending days on dry land!

Flydubai Karachi to Najaf

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PIA Karachi to Najaf

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